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Music Supervision:

Helping clients understand and access the new music landscape globally.

Music Licensing:

Identify & license music for your project from our diverse catalog of 7000k+ tracks from 150+ innovative artists around the world.

Original Composition:

Work with acclaimed musicians to create original music for your project.

Sound Design:

Compliment your music with SFX composed to picture.

Mix & Master:

Audio finsihing for any usage.


A Modern Music Catalog


The INTERVAL catalog is made up of real music sourced directly from innovative artists and labels around the world.


Our music is 100% pre-cleared and ready for licensing.

︎          >>>CATALOG<<<          ︎          ~~~SFX~~~          ︎          +++MIX+++          ︎          ≈≈≈VERSION≈≈≈          ︎          «««ORIGINAL COMP»»»          ︎          ···SOUND DESIGN···           ︎          >>>LICENSE<<<          ︎          ~~~MUSIC SUPERVISION~~~          ︎          +++MASTER+++          ︎          ···FINISHING···